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Rogue spyware. Enigma software make videos in Youtube, I sink.

Rogue antispyware

franklin.online2006Thu Jan 15 1970

Stay away or you computer will be screwed.

SpyHunter was once listed in Spywarewarrior's list of rogue applications, "because of the company's history of employing aggressive, deceptive advertising."

Though since de-listed, it was given the following comment: "SpyHunter, at least in its current state, cannot be recommended because of its mediocre performance as an anti-spyware scanner."

Quote from BleepingComputer: 
'BleepingComputer needs your help to fight a frivolous lawsuit and defend its
Enigma Software is suing us because of a negative review of SpyHunter.
Enigma Software doesn't like this post and instead of publicly defending their product, they are trying to bully us into censoring it.'

Why bother with such a company?

Another Quote:
'A link in the article posted by Fabian Wosar is a report of one of the few times SpyHunter as been tested for identifying known threats.
The test was done in Oct. 2014….a month after this topic was started. According to that test report, Spy Hunter only detected 1 out of 1,000 items.
SpyHunter turns to be the worst scanner. According to the producer, it protects against 1,116,
643 threats, but in our test it detected only one sample.'

Why use their security products?

Lastly, read this website which summarizes the multiple issues with the company and its software, some of which borderlining on being malicious in nature:

Moral of the story? do not touch this company even with a bargepole.

SecurityadvisorThu Jan 15 1970

Their software is not very good, it may even be considered a rogue.

Bruno KochThu Jan 15 1970


evilfantasyThu Jan 15 1970

Use of rouge tactics to lure users into buying.

VirusTellerThu Jan 15 1970

i heard that it is a rogue and a spyware OoO

It's basically the new Spysheriff! FAKE ANTI-VIRUS SCANNER!

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