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epicfreeprizes.comreviews 23

Domain registration is private, no contact information except an email address.

Little to no content with misspellings, doesn't promote trust whatsoever.

Website links to which is related to malware and several blacklists.

Recommend staying off this website.


SCAM: Gift Programs: promotions | offers | surveys | rewards | coupons
Either promotes, displays, offers, tracks
enter no information, attempt no transaction
transactions of personally identifiable information is NOT secure
Your PII is transferred to several other sites
expect spam: email / telemarketing / snail mail




Gift Programs scam


I am going to guess the scammer did not bother to read the thread with the linked evidence that demonstrates why his scam is, indeed, a scam.

Not sorry to make him cry.

HansTheBlueFrogFri Jan 16 1970

WARNING: Sites which offer something seemingly substantial in return for very little, should always be approached with a great deal of scepticism. Stay away from sites such as this to avoid being victimized.

See here:

jrlovelessFri Jan 16 1970

Everything goes great until you try to redeem a prize. Complete two simple surveys they said and you'll get your prize they said…. well 3 hours after I started the 2nd survey I still had not reached completion like they said I would in only 5 minutes.


Yeah, sure, you have to do a survey every time you want to redeem a prize, and surveys actually want to take your money which you DO NOT want to give, nor gave them permission to take it, Most of surveys request you to give your personal information. I am pretty much poor in real life, so I thought of this site. I clicked redeem below a roblox card. A survey popped up, that was unexpected for me. So I used survey bypass because there were no offers available, of course. But then it said they check for survey bypass, so yeah, I was like "I'M SCREWED." and 12 points went in mud. I got a mute on transformice forums for 2 hours for posting the link, and what I get? A SURVEY, INCLUDING CHECKING ACCOUNTS FOR SURVEY BYPASS! The site owner is horrible. Maybe he gets the stuff for free and he makes easy money by surveys and ads. Or maybe it's a scam. I don't know, but otherwise he's still such a selfish egoist dick. For lord of Equestria, I am not going to give 20,99 for every text message I get saying "YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN AN IPAD! ANSWER THIS SIMPLE QUESTION AND IT MIGHT BE YOURS!"

SteelforcerFri Jan 16 1970

Still waiting for my Minecraft premium membership…


That is all the info you need, right there in that picture.


Also, after giving them my e-mail I didn't get any spam (The e-mail is brand new) and that's the only good thing. But it's still a scam.


Safety Rating Breakdown


ScamMisleading or unethical


13 / 100

Child Safety

13 / 100