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Micro-work site selling academic forgery. Do not be fooled: submitting someone else's work as your own is plagiarism, for which you can be disciplined or expelled as a cheat.

These sites typically spam search engines via web-ring back-links, advertise in spam posts in other people's web sites, and write fake testimonials. Beware of fake trust seals, unsecured entry forms, dodgy payment processors, bad grammar, and vacuous content.

Risks: tracking, spam, credit card fraud, identity theft, expulsion.
Do not provide any financial or personal data.
How Academic Forgery Fails:

on vacationSun Jan 18 1970

Site with hidden registrant sells essays to help students cheat. Grammatical errors on the site show the owners are not native English speakers.
Using these services will result in you failing your course.
Owner has either created multiple accounts to manipulate this scorecard with or has hired shady microworkers.


Scorecard manipulation, not to mention that they're selling essays and papers so students can cheat. Reported.



Es besteht die Gefahr des Identitätsdiebstahls/ Kreditkartenmissbrauchs.
Keine Daten eingeben!


This site carries the risk of identity theft/ credit card abuse.
Don´t enter any data.

jessiewilliamsSun Jan 18 1970

Being a student one of the most tedious and boring things is writing research papers. It takes lots of time and efforts, and for me it has no sense. I don't think it helps a lot, you just rewrite others' thoughts and contribute only a small part of your own knowledge. You basically can't write anything without using other sources, other thoughts and investigations. Think it's senseless and has little value for students. So, I just order such papers from this service. They do it quickly and I have good grades in the end. Perfect.

Daniel DetcomSun Jan 18 1970

I don't agree that this site is a scam. I've used their materials from their blog a lot of times, they have great tutorials and guides on academic paper writing. I think that all the negative comments are made by their competitors.

Glinda MoseSun Jan 18 1970

The team has really good specialists in the field of writing essays. My subject is so complicate and the specialization of it is very particular. But I got a personal writer who is an expert in my question. It dazes me! That’s why I can say for sure you’ll only win by using their service) Don’t be scared to get low quality written work here, this is not about this guys, it’s truth! And if you still have some doubts remember that they also provide the compensation for those who are not satisfied, but I don’t think there are many people like this ;)Excellent work! Completed ahead of scheduled. Followed detailed instructions.Very impressive writer . very fast and work done as asked.will work with you again.thank you so much.

Andy ThompsonnSun Jan 18 1970

I personally do not understand why this site is having so much hate. I never had any troubles with my order nor with my bank account. No shady transactions were made. They even called me and said that my order will be right on time and that I need to pay before I get it. Great service in my opinion. Always us it to order essay on chemistry. This stuff is just too hard fo me.


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6 / 100

Child Safety

1 / 100