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Is safe? Reviews & Ratings is a leading worldwide smartphone seller. We supply Android Dual SIM , Smartphone Dual SIM, Smartphone Dual SIM products at wholesale prices. Start your wholesale sourcing here today and experience first class service and fast shipping!

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starwar2013Fri Jan 16 1970

Received my phone yesterday having tracked it easily from China all the way. I have dabbled with dual sim phones for a few years now but this phone far outclasses anything I have tried. Scrolling is excellent and the speed is good. Battery seems to last well too. Etowalk certainly fulfilled their obligations well done I have no hesitations in recommending this company.


I bought from this site 2 smartphones. Both were delivered in time and as it was shown on site. Both deliveres were traced via EMS site. Good job!

dragonballsupeFri Jan 16 1970

I bought the phone from
The shipment very fast.
And provided very profession service for me.


Nerver had problems with Etotalk : quick and reliable answer, very fast for sending the phone, helpfull aftersales services.

For me, a reliable site for chines phones.


Normal store specializing mainly in selling smartphones. Me and my friends bought this product smartphones. Complete information, it is possible to select additional accessories and software installation and unlock. The only minus shipping expensive and a little of free delivery.)) As a result it's a good online store.


I want to thank you for the great service (fast order execution).
The phone is amazing, very good quality, excellent price.
Thank you very much


После,так называемой,отправки посылки дали вот этот трек-номер RN100204681CN для отслеживания! Как оказалось,этот же трек номер давали и другим покупателям! А едет посылка по этому номеру в Мурманск!После долгой переписки с поддержкой сайта,которые так и не дали вразумительных объяснений,посылка всё-таки пришла.


just would like to warn all of you from buying from this shop. bought 2 phones from etotalk, xiaomi mi4s and honor8.
honor havent worked a single day.
xiaomi worked few months (less then half year).
honor story – informed them straight away about malfunction (force stopping apps, 4g not working, auto restarts, etc.), any reply from them took ages and wanted me to try rom flashes etc., meanwhile the time for return passed. so sent it back for repair, phone came back (took few weeks as they slow, i paid dhl express) and in few seconds the same issues occured. contacted them immediately again.
from that point the xiaomi start doing wrong (sliding screen, force stopping, rom loading, slow working) also so start dealing both phones simultanously.
again, waitting for response even a month!!, keep saying that i should try flashes etc., anyway, sent both phones back priority mail. warranty check took them 2 months, then replied that all good and all repaired so i paid postage and let them send it back… unfortunately, 100% same iasues in few seconds after unwrapping. havent even insert sim or connected any account etc.
so contacted them again..same story, same long time but no explanations, only that i can send it back.
have i mentioned that they only reply:"sorry for this, sorry for that.. bla bla.. but you have to send it back, you have to pay postage both way and we dont give you any guarantee that its fixed"?
now the phones are there again, allready more than 3 months!! nobody is able to explain what was wrong and how it was fixed (they only reply that phones were repaired – but i asked what was wrong and how it was fixed as i aleady paid postage 6-7 times and spend a year waiting… no reply… they only issued new invoice for postage and want me to accept.. honor 4th time, xiaomi 3rd time…
what a waste of money this so called "company".
rather flush the money for phone down the pipe (at least you save money for shipping xx times).
never helped, never told whats going on, never repaired anything, just asking for next money for postage..

btw if anyone same problems or want to know more (can provide all relevant evidence), feel free to contact me

just wish nobody else will lost heaps of money and time (and energy) dealing with these scammers

have a good one, Roman


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61 / 100

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