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Really good site. Not intended for children.
A great hentai site, absolutely not for children!
Vash the StampedeSat Jan 17 1970
Exhentai goes to great lengths to keep under 18s out, and is a safe site in general for all kinds of hentai.
This site is hosts adult material that can be viewed as offensive by some people. The site is safe, but you must be at the legal age to view this site (although there is some non-adult material on said site).
AtomicbeachballSat Jan 17 1970
Exhentai is a site for doujins which are basically unofficial Japanese comics of anime series or films. Often times, these doujins are erotic or sexual in nature. This site is made such that it is not easily accessible without certain Firefox or Chrome extensions (impossible to access on IE AFAIK). So yeah, it's a safe site, but not appropriate for children.
Отличный сайт, чтобы подрочить на волшебных аниме-девочек.
sicilian22Sat Jan 17 1970
Актуальный сайт, можно доверять информации, вредных программ не обнаружено.
Only for adults since it's an pornography site. But good otherwise.
site who contain adult materials, not suitable for children.
Really good

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