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Hilarious comics but not safe for kids.
Extremely entertaining, but definitely NSFW or children.
Very Funny, But lots of adult humor
Very funny and sometimes adult themed comics.
DamienTheRabbitThu Jan 15 1970
The comics are very funny, but the humor is often dark and inappropriate for younger viewers. The site itself is just fine.
Genial Comics ! Jedoch ist der Humor manchmal etwas unter der Gürtellinie.
DoesNotComputeThu Jan 15 1970
Funny, has some profanity and sexual jokes.
Explosmn FTW!!!
Excelent humor site! Black humor and very good critic of society! Enjoy It!

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Good siteOpinions, religion, politicsAdult contentOtherIncidental nudity


94 / 100

Child Safety

50 / 100