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Factually suspect, track record of racist stories.
morningtonThu Jan 15 1970
The site still uses large, annoying popup ads.
Often racist stories, extreme right winged bias with unwanted/unneeded ad's.
lyndon footeThu Jan 15 1970
i get yhe flashing i am the 9999999 visitor congratulations.. Which I find annoying
This website has a hateful and discriminatory political agenda. It has incited hate against migrants and referred to refugees as a 'swarm'. This is not acceptable and does not serve to advance political debate or thought, but simply demonises anyone who disagrees with scary and vulgar headlines, bordering on propaganda, at the request of it's owner (who avoids paying his taxes into our schools and hospitals, making the use of this website unethical). It is unacceptably dehumanising and from the 1930s, we must remember the cost of dehumanisation and oppose this newspaper by boycotting it. An alternative newspaper on the right is the Telegraph, which has far better reasoned arguments.
Peddles misleading stories and outright lies to stir up hatred. Express: Truth:
Typical MSM site
I guess they could make the site work better but I have followed this since I was a boy and it is stilll choc o bloc with good stories...maybe not an authority but it has an old tradition.
With the exception of the 2001 general election, when it backed the Labour Party, the newspaper has declared its support for the Conservative Party at every general election since World War II.
plamen_totev__Sat Jan 17 1970
For example the article "GTA 5: Rockstar reveal DLC release for 2014 and plans for Online Heists debut" is completely misleading and includes nothing but lies.

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