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Site is for lists of adult fetishes--it does its goal well, but it is certainly adult.
For roleplaying and has adult content, especially in the groups section. Otherwise it's trustworthy.
Obviously adult, but certainly serves its purpose well.
I'm long term user on this site and I'm happy to be. It's rated for persons in legal age and underage people are blocked until they get into legal age (and can prove it). That why I consider the website as safe
Jose R RodriguezSat Jan 17 1970
Adult Roleplaying site. It is safe, but OBVIOUSLY not for children.
NerchanildFri Jan 16 1970
This site is entirely oriented around Adult Content. It does its job well.
Roleplaying website which does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to join. However there's no age limits on the characters in these roleplays--which means it's possible to write sexually-oriented stories involving adults and children.
angeldragon123Sat Jan 17 1970
Good for role play. I've found a few friends on here. It's obviously not for everyone. Run by the same people who own bad dragon and e621 and furrynetwork. I think the only bad experiences come from the users themselves because people can be horribly picky, myself included.
Alioth.FoxSat Jan 17 1970
F-list is an Adult Roleplay site. Obviously it is not safe for children due to the nature of the site. The most suspicious and disturbing aspect of this site, however, is the ease with which underage users can gain access.

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