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Social Network. Applications are allowed to gain access to your personal details/photos. High levels of spam. Links and shared content by other users many be malicious. Tracking of users 'likes' to be sold to advertisers. High invasions of privacy!
Basically bad website. No privacy, nothing useful, malicious applications, lot of ads.
Not suitable at all for children!!
the low rating is because FB does NOT respect their ursers' privacy.
NSA branch, part of US SkyNet. Total control of PII system and espionage around the world
There are some security setting conflicts if user chooses different privacy settings for different contents. For instance, if you choose the posts on your wall to be only visible to your friends and then put visibility of a single photo on public your wall posts will be visible to the public.
Spammeur, envoi de spam en masse.
Trustworthiness with facebook? no they are not trustworthy facebook can screw you over in many ways, 1 being the fact that anything you put onto the site they can take without your say. Privacy: Are you kidding me there is no privacy with facebook, anyone should know that up at the Facebook Incorporated there a people monitoring your facebook 24/7 every pic and coversation you have is being reviewed by multiple people everyday. Child Safety: Hmm is there child safety on Facebook well lets see the fact that my friends like shit and it is shared and its in my feed so every time i log on i see some type or porn on there so no facebook will never be anything lose to child safe, faecbook is 50% porn/predators, and I blame facebook for the reason in which children are acting these days. Vendor Reliability: Read the Trustworthiness.
reseau social, pas de risques, pas mettre n'importe qui en amis, et bien regarder les acces au posts
En general es una muy buena red social. Debería mejorar en sus aplicaciones y procurar la no proliferación de fanpages con contenido sexual.
OK, we can't live without Facebook, it's one of the most important app of internet today. But, seriously, it really lacks security, it's full of trackers, spams and… Oh yeah do you remember that stupid group you signed 5 years ago ? If you have children you'll have to be really, really, precautious…
facebook recently changed the way it does adds and now they appear in your feed and on the side. It gets very annoying. Some people even think it's the company that is doing it. I think it needs to be changed.
Privacidade e Segurança para crianças insatisfatória.
Regarding Facebook it provides a treasure trove of information to identity thieves and con-artists alike. People are not aware of this and information about hundreds of thousands of people is accessible at the click of a button, just lately they ask for your phone number as well. The external applications (games etc.) that you can add to your profile take information from you without giving full details of what is being taken. These details are then sold on to other companies for use in spam emails. Facebook's have serious privacy issues within some applications and it is absolutely not good for children to use unsupervised. Recent spikes in spam on my email account could be traced back to Facebook as the source of my email details.
ads are not reliable, and commonly junk. facebook apps range from community to shit advertizing
a very entertaint but sometimes this is a usefull website :0 science blog? visit : *****
I find it difficult to use this site because there are soo many popup advertisements about services that I find totally irrelevant. Also: Totally not child safe! Some pedophiles use this site to meet up with children, NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN!
this web site whas realy good but you have to be realy mindful abought you private life...
Has a lot of privacy issues with apps needing personal information for proper functioning.
too many apps and especially games that intrude into your privacy and annoy lots of your friends that don't want these Apps or Games
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