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facebook gets on your profile ,and inbox other people those little link thingy's #SoAnnoying
warning, a lot of page are scam ! don't click on all link
This whole site is a spy tool for the governments to keep an eye on every single person on this planet, they have made society look like it does today to make it "normal" and "popular" to post content about what you do every day, and where you are, what you do, what you wear and what you like doing and so on. Facebook sells this information to governments and other companies so that we have no privacy no more. Please inactivate your Facebook accounts and lets end this madness, show that we are free people, and not so stupid that we fall for these simple tricks that makes us want to feel social and good about posting on facebook. It is neither social nor good to post stuff on this site, and nobody really cares or want to know what you are doing right now. Stop this madness, join the resistance.
Приходят письма якобы сообщения у меня на странице, а я ни разу не регистрировался в ЭТОМ ГОВНЕ
Attention! Total Spam! Never had any Contact to this but its spaming me over and over...
site muito bom de fácil navegação e tambem carrega bem rápido as paginas
Great way to connect with friends and family. Sometimes it can be too personal which can be kinda dangerous. Especially if its info i don't want to share. Other than that it great.
Negative: Nothing for Children. The privacy is very bad - but u can configure it. Sometimes Facebook makes changes at some Settings and u can setup it all again :/ Positive: Good Social-Page. Many people and friends there and it's easy to communicate.
I dont know why so many people here are giving it bad ratings while it is second most visited website to google according to alexa and stats show that people spend average 45 mins per day on it. That somehow reflect its reputation and popularity.
Overall, it's a good site. You can communicate with all world.
Hello Sharlene Rivers, This is Cathleen Reynolds. email is: ***** I want to know when I can expect my first retierment paycheck. That you activated for me. Is to be expected received? I have not received this yet. Today is Saturday August 10th. I know you understand that I have been given increases to the amount of $1581.00. Has my increases been activated yet and when can I accept my fisrt received amounts? Yes, that is right, you can be typed at Facebook. I have sent to you my comments. Cathleen Reynolds
Заспамили мне всю электронную почту. Шлют и шлют, шлют и шлют. Достали уже! Теперь все письма от Facebook помечаю "ЭТО СПАМ!", чтоб больше никогда не мелькали перед глазами, а отправлялись прямиком в соответствуюшую папку.
Lately facebook has made it security and privacy so horrible that every 5 in10 facebook user i are infected with spam phising every day i am not surprised if any person give it a bad rating
i enjoy this site able to keep in touch with family and friends and love the games lol
Way too many issues with the site. I had to delete my account because I kept getting logged off. One problem in a sea of issues there
Handy website for keeping in touch with friends and family.
Mauvaise politique de confidentalite, publicite invasives, marketing cible, invasif sur le web.
I know, that it is FB's buissnes to sale and collect private informations. but i think, that this acting is more than unethical.
I visit this site often. The site is getting more more interesting and useful
certaine applications sont des virus
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