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Parents : surveillez les pages que vos enfants peuvent visiter.
if you click on porn or weird looking links or down kasperksy than it could probably give you a virus or download video maybe
Ce site est un danger pour la vie privée, mine de rien, il récolte nos infos pour les vendre à d'autres...
Facebook is a necessary social tool to stay in touch with friends and family, even if they are away.Keep in mind that it is no longer safe and is a page where hate attacks and harassment by fake profiles are constant, and even more insecure by links and invitations to places for you to download or visit, which then end up having problems with viruses or malwares.So rate this place with all positive is irresponsible. Children are not safe at all, nor ourselves, so my vote is regular for that.--------------------------Facebook es una herramienta social necesaria para estar en contacto con tus amigos y familias, más aún si están lejos.Hay que tener en cuenta que ya no es segura y es una página donde los ataques de odio y hostigamiento por falsos perfiles son constantes, y más aún insegura por los links e invitaciones a lugares para que descargues o visites, donde luego terminas teniendo problemas con virus o malwares. Así que puntuar este lugar con todo positivo es irresponsable. Los niños no están seguros del todo, ni nosotros mismos, así que mi votación es regular por eso.
This site is not appropriate for the younger audience, because of the amount of information that can be found.
Интересная социальная сеть. Много знакомых тусуется у них.
Facebook is a very unique website where people from all over the world freely share images, videos, memes, thoughts, opinions, and words. A large part of the revenue for Facebook comes from advertising and games. These sometimes require the sharing of personal information which can identify you. You should bear this in mind when using this site. To get the most from this site, it is vital that you use familiarise yourself with and use appropriate privacy controls Facebook has an incredible amount of Propaganda within it. Many people on Facebook are very ignorant with far-fetched political views where they recite the lies that they have chosen to believe in.. People I would encourage you to be polite to others, and still expect to run into an asshole on occasion. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”-Joseph Goebblels Nazi Propaganda Minister I love facebook, however I have WOT on my browser. Often I see people posting links to websites that have a negative, or somewhat negative WOT rating. Negative WOT Reviews include phishing sites. There are many facebook groups and facebook fan pages that show images of women that can arguably be called porn. There have been reported instances of porn (even child porn) being found within this social network website. There are many Hate Groups or Hate Fan Pages within Facebook. There is often dirty words within the conversations and meme that you can find within Facebook. Also, children can be approached by a child molester or any other type of bully, or some sad lonely troll. I don't believe Facebook is suitable for children at all. In 2016, it was discovered that Facebook had colluded with the DNC to create more publicity and bias toward Hillary Rodham Clinton. Facebook Discrimination While facebook does have moderators that have the power to take a fan page or a facebook group. They are biased and they do discriminate. Militant Bigoted Hate Groups like "Black Lives Matter" can do all the hating they want. While other groups that are far less controversial get punished on many occasions. Facebook gets sued for gender discrimination ***** Facebook is sued for sex discrimination, harassment ***** Facebook discriminates against conservatives ***** Hillary Clinton Supporters Suspected of Porn Cyber Attack on Pro-Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups Read more at ***** Hillary Clinton Supporters Suspected of Porn Cyber Attack on Pro-Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups Read more at ***** Hillary Clinton Supporters Suspected of Porn Cyber Attack on Pro-Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups ***** Hillary backers spam Bernie groups with kiddie porn ***** Also, this website clearly states in it's terms and conditions that they will install a program to your computer, laptop, or mobile device. The do this because they provide very detailed data about our private lives and share them with the NSA and United States Government. I could go on and on about this. Facebook is a love hate relationship for me.
It is a good site but sometimes Facebook will remove posts or pictures when they were never reported, they don't break the rules, and say that you are a repeat offender and block you for 48 hours with this is your first offense. A picture of my wife and I hugging was removed out of the blue and a 48 hour suspension when there wasn't a single notification or email that my pic was reported.
Facebook commence de plus en plus à fournir des petits jeux en lignes qui en réalité coutent pas mal d'argent sinon ont ne peut pas y jouer de façon normale trop d'attente pour une partie gratuite d'ou le forcing et l'envie d'acheter des packs qui coutent quand même assez cher (par exemple : Superbuzzer 2).Je trouve que l'ont commence à franchir une ligne ou vous devez payer (de trop ) pour pouvoir profiter d'un service (offert) par Facebook (qui resteras toujours gratuit).J'en veut pour autre exemple Candy crush ou là, ont peu jouer de  façon normal et gratuitement, même sans devoir payer
Good social site.....I like it very much.
no comment here please no comment
This is literally the worst website ever created. I hardly recommend everyone to avoid it at all costs. And it is crazy how many people here think they can trust this site. I don't think WOT is a liable source for web security information anymore when a site like FB has such a good rating.
Facebook. Мнения, религия, политика. Главное - фильтровать контент.
Constantly updates with new features and improvements. I trust this site.
Good social community website.
Exelente rede social, mas o publico mais jovem (menos de 12 anos) precisam de ter cuidado pois existe pessoas nesta rede social que podem te dar problemas
This site has a lot of things designed just to waste your time, it's littered with ads, Low quality games, and a million nuisances, I'd suggest against creating an account. Especially with the things the site does based on privacy, and users' personal information (Sell it out and make a huge profit!)
Social Network. There are some sexual jokes on here than younggins shouldn't see. You must be at least 13 years of age to join but even 13 seems too young for some of the content on here. lowered my trustworthiness rating because role players are hated by Facebook. Time and time again role players are deleted.
Opiniones, bias, etc, the usual spam.
Одна из крупнейших в мире социальных сетей.Детям не рекомендую
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