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Seite ist sicher, ABER: Viele der Fanfictions sind nicht in der richtigen Kategorien.
Good website. The graphics are a bit old, but you can't complain when you get useful services for free!
Fanfiction is a great site for stories. Some are of a quality of a professional writer, many not so good. There are plenty of stories of a rated R or even XXX, so parents beware. That being said you can easily filter those out.
Some of the works contain adult content (lemons), filter "K->T" if you don't want to see any. Filter "K->K+" if you don't want to see any swears either.
Some stories have adult content, but there are rules and sometimes stories are taken down. Stories can be filtered, so if your kids want to read stories they can.
I've been a member since 2004, but I'd like to express my disappointment as moderation has gone down the drain and there are plenty of submissions that range from simple trolling, out of scope or outright not-safe-for-work.
Good site, very creative and safe, i have and account there
Safe Website for fan-fiction, but some stories can be unsuited for children.
Site for the composition of transformative works, primarily written fanfiction. Site contains a sizeable amount of erotic and adult-related content, but is filtered by default.
This is a great sight for finding well-written fan fiction that crosses numerous genres and media. The site is free of viruses and other malware. Parents should be cautious about what they let their children read, however, because there is mature content on this site.
sichere Website alternative zu *****
Site used to publish fanfiction of many kinds which makes it potentially unsafe for children.
Be cautious and follow up on adult (all works are written) content that may be present in published works even if it does not contain warnings. Authors may forget or may label incorrectly. For the most part the authors are considerate and competent when it comes to this. There is some content, such as homesecuality & homoeroticism, that may offend or put off only due to the political and social stance of the reader. Not inappropriate but simply subject to opinion. These shouldn't be issues but not all visitors to the website are open minded or accepting of others who are different. Otherwise I trust and like the site 100%.
c'est un site officiel regroupant des fics quoi. rien de mal.
This is an online archive for fanfiction. As such, it may not be always suitable for children, although there are filters for mature content.
I really enjoy reading Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfics on this website it's the best one I've come across for fanfics and I have not had any problems with it.
Your good ole for your fanfiction needs. Although it's somewhat suitable for children, it maay not be suitable for some people's insanity and gemetica erras.
The only real issue that ***** may pose is the ease at which anyone can read an "M" rated story. As these are stories, there's really no way of warning people what exactly will be in one, so it's easy to stumble across something. Despite this, there are many, many sites that allow ease of access for the very reason to let users go directly to stories with a more mature content. Basically, the only issue on Fanfiction is to let your child know whether or not it is safe to read a M rated story.
Some stories have questionable content so parents should monitor their children's usage of this website. Many stories are appropriate, and with caution you can avoid running into that kind of material.
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