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It's a very huge source of fanfiction, and you could get fanfics from practically any fandom that ever existed. But, it isn't actually child-proof. Regardless of it's obscene, racist or hateful material, we should recognize that this website is with stress on FICTION meaning it's only a story...and everything is fanfictional. But overall, it's a very good site and fanfic authors need to put ratings for their fics. So, you'd know what you're jumping into when you click a story.
because doesn't read every fan-fic that is posted there is a chance of some thing that parents would not want them to see. however it dose have a rating system and so if your children are responsible they wont have to worry too much about reading that type of stuff.
zuerlein2001Thu Jan 15 1970
I have been reading from this site for over two years now. Really enjoy it.
Can have inappropriate content
I'm an avid reader of Fanfiction based on Anime. Usually T-M rated stories. Despite the fact that there are many fics with graphic descriptions of adult content, they have a K-M rating system much like that of the ERSB, They warn you of mature content, and it has a reporting system for stories in the wrong ration division(ex: M rated story in the K rated division). Very few stories have no plot and just sex. I personally enjoy M rated stories because they have more depth and complexity to the plot. That however, is just a matter of personal opinion. I do say this, though, there is always more than what meets the eye.
There is adult content in the site, however if a child is on this sort of site I think their parents would now and tell them how high of a rating they can read. They do very well of grading each one and i think that if a kid reads it it falls on their parents to stop them the site itself gives plenty warning.
Can have adult content, but most authors mark their work as such. Those who are offended by adult content just need to hit the back button on their browsers, or set their filter to exclude stuff that is rated M.
you can find some great just have to look around, child safety is fine really...but there are some sex scenes and such usually referred to as "lemons"
Interesting reads from a variety of authors.
Some all round good fiction here... look out for the author Rossmonster (very good work)

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