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ThierryLaurette30Sun Jan 18 1970
Étant un grand fan de manga, je me rends habituellement sur cette plateforme pour lire les chapitres de mes sagas préférés. Ce qui me plait avec ce site, c’est sa vitesse de chargement. Il ne faut pas attendre longtemps avant que les pages soient générées.
This is mangafox. Renamed as for reason i don't know. Is the tipical manga hosting site inwhich are uploaded fanstranslations from many groups around the web. It became kind of boring now that there is no more a forum inwhich was allowed to discuss the various manga. Now there is a youtube-like comment section that is not the same thing at all. Child safety depend from the individual manga. Overally the site doesn't host hardcore porn, but violent and or highly sexual manga are hosted as well.
BlazeFalconSun Jan 18 1970
Awesome for reading manga online
SunshineParadiseSun Jan 18 1970
Where I get my manwha

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