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Site-raterSun Jan 18 1970
Website subject to a lawsuit against Cloudflare regarding illegal copies of pornographic imagery. Rated with MRT.
cantdrive85Mon Jan 19 1970
Typical file hosting site with all the usual scams, but not as bad as most. More people doing business with a bag over their head that want your credit card on the promise that they infringe copyrights. All the usual harassment to extort your credit card number and CVN, like metered downloads, restrictions, delays, counters, etc. But it actually works if you put up with the crap. They do have their scams though. "Don’t waste time waiting ever again!" to get you to give them your credit card. Hey, folks. When you cause the problem deliberately and demand consideration to stop it, that's called "extortion". Yeah. My wasting time. No, you being a fucking crook. One big red flag is hotdoge3 rated it. That one is a paid misinformation merchant that only works for the most crooked eastern european scammers. If that one rates it positive, you know exactly what kind of people are running it. Crooks. Why can't WOT write an algorithm to eliminate those kind of accounts? It would be simple. Look at the ratio of their rating to everyone else's, and note those accounts that ONLY have high ratios. Sure, some will disagree with a rating, but if EVERY TIME, EVERY ONE, says, "Total crooks", and the account says, "Good site", you have a paid disinformation merchant. Use hotdoge3 or saynotodrugs to test the algorithm. It really lowers the credibility of WOT to have such blatant disinformation accounts. Safety Reputation 0/29 Domain 1st Registered 2014-03-11 (1 year ago) Server Location Flag (US) United States No Malware Detected By Free Online Website Scan On This Website. Submission date: Mon Aug 10 03:56:26 2015 Server IP address: Country: United States 100% good ):-

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