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ffsng.comreviews 13
extremerussellFri Jan 16 1970

hi ffsng is a very child friendly game . and ffsng have a system that MINORS can only socialize with other MINORS only and thats enough to rate this game as a child friendly game .

this game also helps the bonding of families , because i have adult friends here that playing ffsng with their child ..

sorry for bad english im no graduation


FFSng is Child friendly
I wasn't really going to cast a vote but most of my friends are concerned about the issue and so here I am.

a number of months ago the same rumor came about and the Minor population also went into a panic.

did anything happen? nope.
Minors are still in the game
Minors are a part of the game and I believe will remain that way unless the MODS themselves said otherwise.

to the moderators, I hope you'd just ignore this "petition" to remove the Minor population as I see no threat to their "innocence" that is included in the game.

there is without a doubt that FFSng is CHILD-FRIENDLY and there is no need to remove any age from the game. it is perfect as of now.


The site is good overall! the only bad notice is about some users in it use sexual harassment easily toward other users without being banned! all complains to moderators run this site about these harassments are totally ignored! saying there is not much proofs.. which is harmful to a good site like FFSNG a social site..

Howl PendragonFri Jan 16 1970

There's nothing wrong with this site. In fact, it helps children and even adults develop their multimedia skills such as editing, writing, etc.

It's a stupid thing to remove the MINORS because of some petty wants of others. This is one of the most child friendly games in existence!

So, hopefully, this doesn't escalate more than it already has.

YukiGrandiaFri Jan 16 1970

FFSNG is actually a child friendly game. It can help hone their skills in communication and also their creativity. And interaction between minors and adult are restricted to make sure that there will not be any malicious activity.


hello there, ffsng is a very child friendly game. and more of that it helps children and even adults develop their multimedia skills such as editing, writing, etc.

and the sad thing is why do you people need to remove the MINOR? is there anything wrong about that? it help other MINOR TO LEARN MORE ABOUT IN OTHER PEOPLE.
This is one of the most child friendly games in existence!


FFSNG is surely a child friendly game. It helps us meet new people and become friends. Not only that, but trust is built and even leads to those friends becoming family. It has taught me how to interact, become more sociable and even allowed me to learn a few things about media, editing and HTML.

I am not sure if those rumors about minors being removed are true. Whether or not it is true, all I can say is I don't see any reason for doing so and it would be unfair for those who have worked hard in the game and will also affect bonds formed within it.


the FFS-ng helps us to communicate well and also it enhance our confidence, communication skill, and most of all we learn to make friends even thou most of the people in this game are strangers.

Chat FanaticFri Jan 16 1970

This website is not child friendly in any way whatsoever, it is common practice to post graphic or suggestive images in users feeds and it can be found widespread on 90% of their pages despite the companies all encompassing "terms of service".

Speaking of which, terms of service is a very loose term with this company. It's so broad that you can do just about anything to be revoked use of their network. The 'rules' and 'terms' are enforced by a volunteer staff who apply their policies as they see fit with little regard for the end user with zero transparency and or accountability. (often with bias to popular and/or friends of the network)

The community is great with lots of resources and a lot of fun to hang out if you like to chat *but be warned that you can be removed at any given time for any reason the 'moderators' (volunteer staff) see fit, they do not have to justify their actions in any way to any one, nor can you expect to receive correspondence from the company in any way should you be a victim to this, even paying customers.

When you are removed, you are removed with no questions asked or no official statements issued regarding the matter. Your investment in the game is forfeit. Don't expect service of any kind from datasteam games. A very fun game and hang-out but a VERY bad customer experience.

kambinghitamFri Jan 16 1970

Poorly managed company with very little consistency to enforcing their policies. The rules apply to some but not to others. Lots of fun to play as a free user but I certainly wouldn't give them my money.
Service is extremely poor.


Safety Rating Breakdown




47 / 100

Child Safety

44 / 100