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the converter to mp3 works fine but there are ads every where that are quite sexual
Never downloads to mp4( even though it is the first to come up) and only to mp3, it is really slow and has WAY to many scam ads and inappropriate ads. Just my thaughts.
good youtube to mp3. but now, it's atrocious with their ads. every time you download something, it opens up a pop up.
Web Attack: Fake Customer Service
Typical YouTube to MP3 site. It works but also inundates the use with spamvertising. Watch out for pop-ups and new tabs claiming that your machine is infected with malware (use an actual anti-virus or MBAM for that!). Even Brave has a hard time blocking them!
Wanted to rip an mp3 from a longer than 2 hours clip. They advised to download their free windows program. Which I did. The only fishy part of the app was the installing flow. They had options for two other programs for installing and one of them was worded so as to be possibly misleading. For me the second option was to install "AVast antivirus", Had to put a check in a box to verify that I am aware that clicking on "I accept" button will also install AVast. So you had to actually check the box and click "Disagree" to avoid installing Avast, but still installing the intended program. Used it to get one sound file. In the background googled whether the program was safe :D. Found a lot of people complaining and it being malware and difficult to uninstall. After using the program, uninstalled via cCleaner. Cleaned the registry and my computer with it. Updated Win Antivirus and did a full checkup with that. Everything seems to be clear and it was not difficult to uninstall. Maybe it would be difficult to uninstall if you by accident agree to install the bundled other programs - don't know. After restarting, computer is fine, no trace of the program. The sound file that I got was fine as well. But I felt uneasy about the overall situation :)
Untrustworthy website that just gives out viruses and malware.
This is a good site for converting videos. I also checked for viruses (files) and there were none. Other than an issue where if you cancel saving a file and try again it will send you back to the link typer thingy, it's flawless (maybe, only checked with windows)
Унылая программа. + бонус Спам внутри.
This site gets the job done, but it shoves as much malware into your computer as it can while doing it. Why does it have such a good WOT reputation?
Took me to suggestive sites with adware or other potential threats. Does not provide mp3 or other types of video conversions.
only leads to suspicious sites and downloads malware
i did a youtube video conversion on there, successfully but then on their site they say download our desktop converter for safari, so i did so and noticed while it was downloading a bunch of other sites were being added. My anti-malware app was catching some but not all and I had to go around for an hour deleting unwanted malware. It was quite worrying as I have a mac then is normally very safe from that. I was very p*ssed off. Very unethical behaviour to say the least.
Works with an ad-blocker, though not really the best site out there.
Attempting to download a converted video redirects you to numerous suspicious sites. The sites you are redirected to ranges from fake Flash Player installers, to highly inappropriate content that no one should be viewing. Even with uBlock Origin, Ghostery, and a Popup Blocker installed, several redirects and popups still made it through.
Points to a download that contains openCandy adware and a potential trojan. The full virustotal report can be found here: *****
Lien de téléchargement redirige vers un mmorpg pour adultes lors du premier clic avant de procéder au téléchargement. Ce site a été créé par des rapaces en manque d'argent, privilégiez plutôt youtube-mp3, plus efficace, plus sûr et sans les ***** publicités.
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