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Too many Trackers and Redirects other than that it does it's job
This is a site for all ages, of course there is going to be some adult content. Use NoScript, UBlock Origin and Ghostery for privacy and to block all adds and pop-ups. Overall pretty good to get some good movie time.
Fucking full of bug don’t recommend this site to anyone full of virus
Great site but you might wanna use an ADblocker for this too..
website compromised, completely unsafe for anyone
A lot of movies, but a lot of ads
i found this, at first when i just opened the site there is pornographic images everywhere that wont go away, so definitely not suitable for children, i tried clicking on a movie i got redirected to a porn ad..
i was looking a movie to watch and found this site i just opened it and pornographic context popped out of no where and wouldnt close, also on the home page there are some adult content containing images.. not ignoring the fact that the entire site is basically an ad and virus farm
Helpful this is a pirated site, all stolen/broken movies some which with faulty content/malware/viruses- also the site has adult context and children should not be on this website.
When I clicked on all the applicable boxes in rating this site (4 categories) it was automatically suggested that," too many categories may result in People questioning the credibility of my review>> however, all the categories i checked accurately reflects my experience with this site. This site is TERRIBLE!!! I don't like it and don't trust it. It slows down my computer,sometimes even freezing the screen, inappropriate pop up advertisements every time, In the middle of the screen, not only on the bottom of the page , also all along the sides, it.s hard to "Ignore". even on the "kids movies" section, suggestive pictures of half naked women ,suggestive language crafted to lure young children into possibly a "porn-like" scenario. If you click on pause or play, or anywhere on the screen ,it redirects you to the sight they want you to go to. Games with half dressed women or suggested conversations with "asia beauties!" Don't let your kids use this site!!
Pirate movie site under lawsuit by ABS-CBN. EDIT: Pirate movie site that LOST a lawsuit to ABS-CBN. Now rating Phishing because domain ownership is compromised. Do not visit, and please stop rating green.
I'm happy I found this site (because now I can finally watch Sherlock season 4 and I've been looking for a free site for quite a while) but I think that the site opens a new tab/ad whenever you want to pause/rewind, so just be aware of that. Also, the ads at the bottom of the page are super inappropriate and stupid, but easy to ignore because they're way at the bottom.

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