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Repairman77Thu Jan 15 1970
A must for Mozilla products users; Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.
Seattle JohnWed Jan 14 1970
Excellent source of just about anything "Mozilla".
Ken SaundersThu Jan 15 1970
A lot of what I know about Mozilla's products I learned through the mozillaZine forums and Knowledge Base and I've never experienced a negative security related issue in the nearly 4 years of time that I've been visiting the site.
DrachentomThu Jan 15 1970
gute tipps
Good community. Some immature fools otherwise.
elwoodthemadThu Jan 15 1970
Great forums, but occasionally, because anonymous/guest posting is allowed, links to porn or other undesirable material may be posted there.
Great forums but some of the imbeciles just drag the site down.
A very useful and reliable forum for Mozilla products.
The Evil Pulsating Red EyeThu Jan 15 1970
This is a great site, you can trust it.
Wolfstar11Thu Jan 15 1970
For all us Firefox/ Thunderbird users. Good info for someone looking for info about;..............

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