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This site is a great cheat. They promise one week VIP if you "Like it" in facebook or tweet about them in Twitter, but that gives you nothing. It's just a cheap scam to seam popular. Their "Free Membership" 5 downloads a month is a cheat as well. I tried several downloads, but they never start. The only thing that works is the counter that count down remaining downloads.
What I looking for e-book is not free only Vip member. Site name It is not true.
I came to this website after a search for a spanish book in Google. To be able to have access to that e-book I had to register, but afterwards that e-book did not exist, and the web do not offer Spanish books at all. I think this web is fraudulent.
iamjustagirlThu Jan 15 1970
to download a ebook you have to sign in, its annoying, and if you dont an annoying popup warning keeps poping up telling you to sign in. its very annoying.
cinnamon25Fri Jan 16 1970
This site is a fraud, since you are unable to download the ebooks you like without an VIP (paid) account.
Very useful site.
livelybrowsersThu Jan 15 1970
good and useful.
This was a bookmark until I returned to it. Apparently since I last was there they added a script that attempts to prevent people from leaving. That is a really dumb stunt to pull. Then after reading a bunch of other complaints I dropped it from years ago being fully green to yellow all the way to fully red. Delisted and blocked!
jkmartindaleFri Jan 16 1970
This is a great place to read self-published eBooks about pets, fashion, business, computers, development, fitness, cooking, religion, history, parenting, travel, psychology, self-improvement, and so much more. You are only allowed to download five ebooks a month if you are a free member, which is somewhat reasonable, and an unlimited amount if you're a VIP member. If you have an account, they sometimes give out free two-year memberships (that's how I got mine). The only thing to watch for is adult themes in some of the fiction books.

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