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Send Free SMS messages to UK mobile phones, any network, no signup, login or payment required.

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This site doesn't mention anything in regards to terms and conditions about data, mobile number and other information handling. Basically in other words by the looks of things, they can do as they please.

But sure go ahead by all means if you want to potentially risk you, your contacts numbers and what you say to malicious activity.


The site works and does provide Free SMS, within the UK at least. It appears to store user details on a cookie, so if you're using a public computer you should clear cookies before leaving the site.


this sites charges £5 to the recipient to read text messages sent from this – read small print at the bottom of the screen

andyrogers35Sat Jan 17 1970

I wish read this earlier, i didnt read the small print and ended costing my friend money


Phishing Scam Website! –
This site carries a risk of identity theft or other fraud –


Visiting this site may lead to negative visitor experience due to the past actions of the owners of this site which may include: distribution of malware, drive by viral downloads, or spamming.

smsnetworkFri Jan 16 1970

Is a bad page

Paulo12321Sun Jan 18 1970

No, this is NOT a free service. Always read the small print: "…the recipient will have the option to pay £5 to read the message." (shown at the bottom of the website page).

Also, there is no TOS or Privacy Policy for how they will use your information (phone number, text message content, etc), so they can basically use it however they like, as mentioned in a previous review.*

In addition, this site is based in the UK, as you can see on Who.Is**, yet it fails to comply with the EU Cookie Compliance law – this site is suspicious, privacy invasive, doesn't have a TOS or Privacy Policy, and is plainly down right breaking the law. In the UK, "the ICO has powers to force websites to change or it can impose a fine of up to £500,000 in the most serious cases" for not complying to the EU cookie compliance law.***

Lastly, every single "I don't trust" review on this site seems to have at least one disagree vote. Funny that. Suspicious much, site owner? Site owners should not be allowed to vote on reviews of their own site – It makes the reviews biased!

So, personally, I don't trust the site, and neither should you I don't think. Avoid at all costs; proceed at your own risk.

I hope this review was helpful! 🙂



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