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I can`t say anything about all downloads, but Free Download Manager is one of the best programs in its class and it is safe. I use it more than a year and have no security problems connected with it.
Can I just clarify something. The actual "Free Download Manager" is not malware, but the site has a "hidden" downloads section where it lists download from other sites, unfortunately some of the downloads are malware.
GeniuneitorThu Jan 15 1970
buen sitio
Note: this _used_ to be proprietary software, but is now free and open-source released under the GPL - many of the comments here are therefore out of date.
suecityguyThu Jan 15 1970
This site should not be showing "green".
Página web del gestro de descargas "Free Download Manager", muy bueno y completo, lo recomiendo :)
Free Download Manager is released under GNU Public License!
I have downloaded and used Free Download Manager many times in the past and have not noticed any malware in the program so I don't know what people are complaining about. You have to take into consideration this software is open source so it would be hard to hide malicious code in the program without someone noticing. Edit: scanned fdminst3.exe and shows it as completely clean with 39 different virus scanners.
sebsauvageThu Jan 15 1970
I totally disagree with bad reviews. You should keep in mind that there are plenty of programs called "Free download manager", some of them spyware/badware. Some fake sites have also been spotted by FDM authors. But I have never seen a spyware/adware for years in FDM itself. Besides, FDM is *opensource* and GPL, it would be hard to implement badware/spyware in this program without beeing noticed by the community. FDM (including its source code) is hosted on Edit: FDM software itself is clean. But avoid their "download" section ( where users can upload software: Some of them are riddled with spyware.
Version 3 of the product works very well. Not found any viruses or malware as reported by others

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