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Site-raterSun Jan 18 1970
SEO-spammed illegal download website, appears on page 2 of a Google search that doesn't even suggest anything illegal.
Its a great german site that deserves respect...i totally trust it.
KillCode.GDSun Jan 18 1970
Its a great site :) Lots of really cool games!
great site...... im 12 btw and me and my brother both trust this site and he is a decently smart person. the site dont really have anything bad but if the games have it its the games fault not the sites. also the anti virus thinks its a virus due to how its made. and ignore any warnings or anything sayying ANYTHING bad about i trust this site with my full pc!
Unknown_Shadow77Sun Jan 18 1970
romansulc13122006Mon Jan 19 1970
If you see a notifications allow window pop up. deny it,

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