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freeonlinegames.comreviews 53

This site although hosts games rather frequently that may be useful does have annoying ads on the side. These are flash ads and are constantly trying to get your attention and are frankly annoying.

ajohnson128Thu Jan 15 1970

Lots of ads, lots of pop-ups


great! 🙂

FredRodgersThu Jan 15 1970

Annoying ads, popups, in-your-face click on ads and unwanted cookies.

christkdcddThu Jan 15 1970

This is a very nice site. It has many of games But people keep saying that it has a browser exploit. That is not completely true. Yes, I know. My browser has crashed a few times when I am on that website. But it is not %100 there fault. There are a few reasons for this.
1. The game it is loading is sending to many packets at one time. (Sort of like a accidental dos attack) This means that, it is a very big game so it is sending ALOT of data to you computer all at once. So, it might be your computer. Because trust me, if they wanted to they could REALLY mess with your computer. Why would they just shut your browser down? Hmmmmmm?? Can’t answer that one? Ok, now the 2nd reason can be because flash, java, or whatever the game runs on, I plug-in might not be configured correctly. But I think the most common reason is just because the game is graphical and sending a lot of data at once so it bogs down your internet browser. (No matter what it is, if you are getting a lot of data at once your system will crash. no matter if it’s Firefox, opera, ie. it does not matter.) But the point is, is that FreeOnlineGames.Com is not doing it on purpose. And if they really wanted to stop this. To a point they could. But the game would take about an hour to load. And I don’t know about you but I’d rather let my browser crash then just sit there. Because it’s not that big of a deal. Just go right back to “" Witch will redirect you to "” and pick a different game.

Now as for the popups and ads that lead to scams. I do agree with that. But, that is the only way that free online games can make money. I own a web site and i use Google Adsense so that i can keep my website running. Other wise i could not afford it. So, they do use popups and ads but i know why they use it and i agree with them using it.
By: Christopher Durham
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very good game on this web site but load them up it a bit slow it very for kids games


My web browser had much crashes by entering this site! Even IE,Opera,Google Chrome,Firefox! I was trying to enter this site from my friends computer and the same thing! I will not enter this site anymore…

mywot safeThu Jan 15 1970

thanks wot you saved me

nicktheprotectorThu Jan 15 1970

please ensure you have a good popup blocker and caution. Great games tho.


так себе


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