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Fundable is an online equity and rewards crowdfunding platform for startups and small businesses. Raise funding online to start or grow your business.

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fundable.comreviews 6
carlnylundThu Jan 15 1970

Fundable is a site that helps individuals solicit donations for good causes. Used a lot by pet rescue to help with vet bills, etc. Fundable gets a small cut for helping but if the goal isn't met all donated funds are returned to the donors.

0 took a contribution/donation even though I hit Cancel and never go to the Submit page. No live person for phone number. Unhappy experience


I have used twice now. I have had no negative experiences. It is a good tool to raise money with pledges. Mixes well with social sites.


Seems like a good site to me.


I set up a fund through this company and the website went down, the owners started bickering then suing each other. My fundraising enterprise was totally compromised. To date, they are not answering my emails and all these innocent people who donated funds aren't sure whether their money has been taken by them.


The reviews for this site are all from 2009. This is a new company, new people and nothing to do with the old one. They just happen to be using the same name. So far, I have had NO issues with this site and they have become a credible crowdfunding solution.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


63 / 100

Child Safety

67 / 100