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The founders of the Gapminder Foundation like to call the group a “fact tank”. Their goal is to take social, economic and environmental development statistics from around the world and make them readily accessible.
Statistics from the state of the world in motion graphs by renowned Swedish Professor of International Health Hans Rosling. The website covers more than just health issues.
great help by designing statistic and graphics
A beautifully designed site for statistical data visualization of global economic, health and other information. There is a free version of the software accessible online as well as an application for purchase, although I am only familiar with the free version. The free version is incredibly generous, particularly in comparison to other analytic software vendors. Most of them restrict download of final results, strictly limit access to data and functionality if one is not a paying customer etc. Not so for Gapminder! This site is very unusual, and is run by kindly people.
Excelent website.

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