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i trust this website, i've been with them for years and my friends and we never had any issue. Date of experience: September 23, 2023
мошенничество дешевый китайский развод
hi guys, when it comes to recovery of funds either from binary options, crypto, forex and ponzi schemes . FASTFUNDSRECOVERY AT PROTONMAIL are the best recovery agent around. they have recovered my funds and also funds of my friends , colleagues who were in similar situation as i was. It is crazy when exchanges like StoxMarket isn't taken down after cheating several hardworking individuals wanting to invest attain financial freedom. Personally, I invested $750,000 expecting 120% as promised. Since I deposited, I haven't been able to withdraw neither my capital nor profit. I reached out to my account manager but all effort was in vain. Weeks went by before i stumbled on 'Fastfundsrecovery' on google after seeing their reviews on quora. They were able to recover my funds in less than a week
Биржа криптовалюты
Please run away from this scam site. They have hidden charge as high as 80 percent. Do not try them all . When you initiate a transaction , they will put a small charge as fee, but when the transaction is confirmed you will see far less than what you expect at the other end. The are thieves.
A cryptocurrency exchange site.
Невозможно пройти верификацию, все фото откланяют, не удивлюсь если потом будут приходить смс о кредитах, МОШЕННИКИ И ОБМАН !!! SKAM SKAM SKAM !!!!!
***** is a scam exchange! Stay away from these scammers if you value your money. They have the worst customer service and always come up with different excuses to stop you from withdrawing funds. I almost lost my entire deposit thanks to ***** who stepped in and helped me get my money back from them.
***** Вот сайт,который работает с 2016 года и исправно выплачивает заработанное!
Обман, что за тупой сайт
Мошенничество с криптовалютой. Обычное кидалово.
200 САТОШИ ЗА 1 ЧАС! Здесь не надо ничего вкладывать, покупать сомнительное оборудование, всё прозрачно. ЗАШЁЛ ВЫДЕЛИЛ ЧАС ВРЕМЕНИ, ЗАРАБОТАЛ. ***** 200 SATOSHI IN 1 HOUR! There is no need to invest anything, buy dubious equipment, everything is transparent. I WENT IN, SET ASIDE AN HOUR OF TIME, AND EARNED IT. *****
I could have made some research before investing but I was so eager to earn some money. Well, we all learn from our mistakes. To cut the long story short, my son figured a way out. Fightingscams @ aol . com put an end to my ordeal with a scam exchange.

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