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GBAtemp is a user friendly underground video game community with millions of posts about 3DS and Nintendo DS, Gateway 3DS, PSP and PS Vita, consoles, cards and supercards, flashcarts, accessories and games for all consoles and other various topics.

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Good for finding information about Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS games.
I mostly use this site for Wii and DS hacking or homebrew. A great place to get answers in these sections.
Great reference for Wii and DS homebrew and hacking.
Senbonzaku101Thu Jan 15 1970
Great website and source of information, forum experiences vary per user. They WILL let you know if you are breaking the rules, and not always nicely.
NightNinjaFoxThu Jan 15 1970
Best website ever! Absolutely the most information on DS and Wii hacking on the web. Also holds many competitions for free flash cards and other great prizes.
SuperBlooper057Thu Jan 15 1970
Great site if you're into the Nintendo homebrew scene.
DanZ_in_TNThu Jan 15 1970
Admits to stealing content: "I don't care if this is copied straight from...."
Good forum and very informative
ericjohnsonukFri Jan 16 1970
great site, lots of info, useful staff, child safe, entirely legal
Dr..HacknikSun Jan 18 1970
Great site to get Information, News, and Help on Consoles. I've posted tons of threads, and their aren't very many 'rude' people, just filter them out, and go for the more 'nicer' people. But, definitely not for younger people.

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