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secondo il sito e sicuro, ma un commento indica la presenza si spam

theharechanThu Jan 15 1970

As well as viruses and malicious software.
This site features "offers" from "sponsors" that are often questionable in nature for websites, such as, and on applications for Myspace and Facebook. Many of them ask for personal information -even for a simple survey. Many users at have found that the "offers" do not award the credit they are suppose to (usually citing that the offer "didn't log your information correctly" or that "they couldn't verify your information") and that most of them install spyware, malware, and viruses on your computer when you visit the site or download anything for the "offers".

One big con. Don't do the sponsors, or anything else from this domain.

deakon45287Thu Jan 15 1970

Do this this is not a scam this is easy way to get gaia cash destini is just mad because he or she is not 18

gaiaonline recently added this to their site and there are already many petitioners/complainors about it.

Just because this site gives links to spam does not make it a bad site.

The offers are legit if you know what you're doing. Those whining about it being a con unfortunately are the trigger happy individuals willing to get thousands of points from an object that charges a credit card immediately.

I know there are some negative comments but most of the transactions I have done have been extremely smooth. Thanks!

Scam in many ways–they're willing to outright lie and pretend that you've done something before, or other things, to avoid paying–and their customer support, once they've made that claim, literally stops receiving any more messages from you as part of their system. DO NOT USE THEM.

I did the whole promotional thing and even had everything set up with the legit company but gambit sent me an email stating that my info was not verified and denied me what they have promised. Do not use this site its phony

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Child Safety

28 / 100