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With GiftHulk you can earn your favorite rewards by watching videos, answering surveys , completing offers, shopping and more , We have huge selection of prizes from Amazon and PayPal cash to Facebook credits and game cards. Join today its 100 % Free !

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Email invite spam.

HunterDX77MFri Jan 16 1970

I've already gotten my first Amazon Gift Card! It is similar to other search-and-win sites like Swagbucks. You can sign up with this link and may start off with a bonus!

PTCInvestigateFri Jan 16 1970

Paid many times without delay. If someone spams you, contact the site so they can deal with that person. Sometimes these sites can't control what users do and can stop it if you let them know about the issue.

Our latest payment proof:

GiftHulkScamAlertSat Jan 17 1970

This is a community service post about GiftHulks recent nefarious activities.

Have been a member of GiftHulk for over a year.

They used to pay out like clock work.

I am still currently an active Diamond member in good standing.

However I would not recommend anyone join or continue to do any work on the site until GiftHulk get their issues sorted.

I currently have SIX paypal payments pending that are verified but are not delivered. They have NOT been paid.

I also have FIVE open support tickets regarding the issue. None of which have garnered any attention or received any response.

I have also directly emailed them using contactus @ gifthulk dot com per protocol more than five times. None of the email inquiries have been responded to.

You can also now check the better business bureau on GiftHulk here:

You can clearly see there is an Alert on this company and that they currently have an "F" rating.

Screen shots of all the aforementioned are available as proof but as a new user the site would not allow me to add in this post.

If you are being paid still I would continue on just be mindful they may stop paying you at any time without cause. If you are thinking of joining new, make an educated decision before you potentially waste your time.

The most troubling recent activity revolves around GiftHulk selectively removing questions and complaints from their own Facebook page about non payments and unanswered, ignored, or prematurely closed support tickets. Especially those uploading visual screen shot proof.


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