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thebeastboyThu Jan 15 1970
Official site of GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program Same as Saavek said, and I go beyond : this isn´t a COPY of Photoshop as many people think: It´s an Free and original program, which wasn´t even mean to be created EXACTLY equal to the other.....
GIMP - The best Open Source graphic program of all.
WOT-testerThu Jan 15 1970
Very good program which can keep up with the commercial programs. Safe site.
Gimp - home of the best (free) graphic manipulation program available.
The ShadowThu Jan 15 1970
Everyone with a computer should load GIMP!
Official site of GMIP, a great free graphic editing program.
Erstklassiges Graphikprogramm, das den Vergleich mit kommerziellen Angeboten nicht scheuen muß.
rusty shacklefordThu Jan 15 1970
Look at and you can see what some people can do with this program.
LiVeRpUdLiAn932Thu Jan 15 1970
a good graphic editing programme. comparable to photoshop
WHQ of the graphic prog The Gimp, As an every day user for years, I'll definitely recommand this piece of code. Just drop all your PS cracks, Gimp is free!

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