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The website has provided not once, but twice so far that I've run into the site for a variety of giveaways(?). One time it was giving away some online items (for a game) called Tera Online. As a gamer, I am heavily cautious of "giveaways" due to the nature of the idea of free items, and sometimes exclusive(Such as in this case/situation) that it could be a fraud to steal your gaming account for that specific game (In this case, Tera Online). However, it turned out the giveaway was being done by the official owners/the event was sponsored by the game itself (after researching, and finding the original webpage with the link to gleam). After the giveaway was done, a lot of people snag prizes, including myself. So I am completely convince this website is legitimate. The first time I encountered it I did not go through with it since it was on another website, confused and well dissuaded by another company of people, I decided not to even try. This time I did, and I'm glad I debunked that rumor. Good site, needless to say.
bp-browserSat Jan 17 1970
"Gleam is a privately owned Australian business based in Melbourne, Australia" "Growth Marketing Platform" Provides Website Apps: Capture, Competitions, Galleries, Rewards *Capture* allows you to capture and send emails from your site using customer behaviours then send them to any one of our supported email providers. *Competitions* make it easy to run engaging viral competitions anywhere. Run it on your own site, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even let partners embed your contest on their site. [Social] *Galleries* enable your business to build beautiful media rich galleries that are fed by social images from competitions & #hashtags. These can be used to show off photo competition entries, embed user generated content on your site or use at events to show social media posts from attendees. *Rewards* work in a similar fashion to competitions. Except they allow you to build instant redeem coupons, redirects or downloads to help you engage your customers and drive sales. Their advert: "25 ways to use Gleam to grow your business"
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opened from Mein Virenscanner (ESET Smart Security) schlägt auf dieser Seite Alarm und blockiert sie mit der folgenden Meldung: Der Zugriff auf die Webseite wurde blockiert. URL anzeigen Bedrohung: JS/TrojanDownloader.FakejQuery.A Trojaner Das ist das erste Mal in zwei Jahren, dass er eine Site blockiert hat!
Steam lists it as "This site has been flagged as being potentially malicious. For your safety, Steam will not open this URL in your web browser. The site could contain malicious content or be known for stealing user credentials." This was the first time that I have been unable to link to a website using steams chat interface with friends.
Extreme911Sun Jan 18 1970
раздачи игр в СТИМ +++++++++++++
Site-raterSun Jan 18 1970
Site is partners with G2A, a marketplace that sells game keys in violation of the providers' terms of service, and often purchased with stolen credit cards.

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