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~~~ Redirection Scam Host alladream.go2cloud .org ~~~ Spamvertized STOOGE Site - Redirection - ADULT PORN DATING Phishing/ID Theft Scams. Site is a redirection host that Promotes "kid friendly" Spam used to hide their true content; a Redirection Stooge Site for a Adult Pornographic/Dating Phishing Scam. Your Children could visit this site unmonitored thinking it's a harmless "E-Card" site and view sexually explicit sex acts. - User beware, Do not become their next victim. These fraudsters are also in the habit of registering lots of domains with identical site contents (or a redirection to a master site), all with false registrant information, which of course sounds nothing like how a legitimate and reputable company would do business.
The domain, registered through 1&1 INTERNET AG is listed on at least two SPAM blacklists as of today. This does not necessarily indicate that they are guilty of sending SPAM, merely that the server that their IP address is associated to was confirmed by at least 2 sources to be a gateway for SPAM. This leads us to recommend caution on this server as it is possible that if it is compromised for SPAM, other data could be compromised.
Part of the redirection trail in spammed obfuscation. eg Document click on "Continue To The Official Profit Vault Site »" goes to Meta-Refresh 302 Redirect 302 Redirect to Which is a work at home fraud
theJoshMeisterFri Jan 16 1970
Advertised via mass-follow spam on Twitter. At least one subdomain redirects to pornographic content. See also these affiliated domains:
macworldwizardzFri Jan 16 1970
This is a very bad website! I keep getting emails from them and their affiliates on my Private Google account stating my ID has been stolen and I face jail time if I don't respond with my Bank Account Information. If you get any emails from them, mark them as spam and delete them immediatly. I thought this was real at first, so o' course I pull up Firefox and Click the Stupid Link... Good thing I have WOT that alerted me and blocked it! Thank You Guys! PS. - Every body is marking red because you can get your identity stolen, as well as personal information. Beware of the Internet. was found on March 27th, 2012 on the URIBL (URI based Blacklist service) for possible SPAM and/or Malware violations.
SCAM: Gift Programs: promotions | offers | surveys | rewards | coupons Either promotes, displays, offers, tracks enter no information, attempt no transaction transactions of personally identifiable information is NOT secure Your PII is transferred to several other sites expect spam: email / telemarketing / snail mail re: DNS:
KaffeetanteFri Jan 16 1970
Spam / Scam
Spam distrbutor
HansTheBlueFrogFri Jan 16 1970
WARNING: Sites which offer something seemingly substantial in return for very little, should always be approached with a great deal of scepticism. Stay away from sites such as this to avoid being victimized. See here:

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