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I got involved with CF in September 2023 in wanting to find the RIGHT relationship and Pinay for me. In working with Joyce, I found her to be genuinely concerned for my success, very kind and caring. She assisted me through several convos with different ladies and was a BIG help to my efforts. Overall, CF is a fairly easy platform to use, and certainly is of great value in searching through the "haystack" looking for that one special "needle." GREAT Job CF staff, the search for MY Needle continues . . . and I might be getting pretty close!
A lot of fantasy women profiles
Too much spam from this site.
Scam and spam. Anyone writes off on behalf of women, but not women from photos. Constant spam. After a long communication and spending a lot of money you are just thrown away.
My mailbox is filled up with letters from very young girls from other countries, I wonder why? If I had wanted to date a foreigner, I would have used ***** because I know their profiles are thoroughly checked ( documents, photos, their single status and so on), so you can rarely come across a scammer there. But Goldenbride is full of scammers, mainly from Africa, they just steal photos from social networks, it could be the men, pretending to be these beautiful ladies writing you and trying to scam you. The site is run poorly and they are absolutely ok with these scammers, because their profiles are used to engage you with the site and make you pay. If you decide to use this site, put your time and efforts in finding women who live close to you, and even if you succeed in this - still be very cautious, watch out for scammers and fakes!
Their "brides" could have been golden if they would have been real. I see all their women on the other sites, I chat with them on ***** and I watch their live video there, I know they are real, because I can see their appropriate reaction to my words (and because I know that the above-mentioned site requires video attestation for registering female profiles). I have a feeling that Goldenbride site uses stolen pics and looped video as well as outdated profiles of married women. The majority of their "brides" aren't even aware that they are "online" 24/7. It's just a money-making scheme, don't become its victim!
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