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HansTheBlueFrogFri Jan 16 1970

WARNING: If Google is so wonderful and trustworthy, why is it that they track virtually my entire activity on the web? I don't recall them asking my permission. If you value your privacy on the internet, stay away from Google.

charlies_angelsThu Jan 15 1970

Alternate domain of google india website

Redirects to

evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970

The Google Search Engine.

Google. The world's best known search engine.

For a full list of their websites see;

Google Inc site

@Marco2981, Nick Vini and possibly other brave defenders of the Web-safety:
Thank you so much for this information!

Here I was thinking that this site belonged to Yahoo! !!

Please note that the MRT was not granted to you to be used as a tool to boost comment-scores.

As a correction on my previous comment, specifically regarding Marco2981 and Nick Vini, I apologize for my too hastily made imputation.
Today I was informed by WOT-staff, that comments are compulsory when one rates sites using the MRT.
Having said that, I still wonder WHY anyone feels the need to add the comment category "good site" to no less than 228 Google domains.

As HansTheBlueFrog correctly remarked, Google has major privacy-issues.
To this I can testify myself.
I have a Facebook-page where I have 2 friends, and which I only created to keep informed about some people living far away. I had made the mistake to link that account to my Gmail-account. A few days ago I was unpleasantly surprised to see "friends" suggestions ("people you might know") on Facebook, mentioning people who's relation to me, Facebook can only – without my consent!! – have obtained from my contact list in Gmail !!

I have rebuked Facebook and disconnected my Gmail-account from it.
So at least does certainly not deserve to be rated good…..

This is how Google thinks about your privacy:
"If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place."
– Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

People in countries like Birma, China, Iran, Thailand etc. should be very careful using any Google service.

SmankusorsFri Jan 16 1970

Owned by Google Inc.

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