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Petplan pet insurance is the number one choice of veterinarians for covering your beloved pets. Get the best coverage for your dog or cat from the world's largest pet insurance provider – Petplan.

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After looking on the questions and answers on this website, it is not clear as to whether a preexisting condition can be covered as in #4 of frequently asked questions! They do not really answer the questions so one could believe after reading this that they may cover it, depending on if it is a curable illness or not! Here copied from the website is the exact question I am speaking of!
4) Will my pet’s preexisting condition be covered?
Like all pet insurance providers, pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage under Petplan pet insurance policies. However, we recognize there are two types of pre-existing conditions: those which can be cured, and those which cannot be cured. Some examples of a curable condition include, but are not limited to: respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, vomiting, diarrhea and bladder…….. So if that means your pet has a preexisting condition and it is excluded, meaning "NO", why don't they just state "NO" we will not cover your pet, instead of making it sound like it may depend on if the illness is curable or not! By the way allergies can be cured in this day and age! I should know I suffered many environmental allergies, which do not bother me as they once did. They list that they are not curable! Even though I never was treated for food allergies and I was only treated for environmental allergies, considering I do not go to emergency any more for asthma and I stopped using my inhalers, any antihistamine medications, I can enjoy my life with out those nasty environmental allergies!
Too bad for them not to even consider my one dog with existing, allergies as the other three dogs I have are healthy and free of illness! If they will NOT HELP MY ONE DOG, THEY DO NOT GET THE BUSINESS OF MY OTHER THREE DOGS! Their LOSS! OH, they (Customer Service) gave me some garbage about how you can not get health insurance for a preexisting illness and they compared health care of my dog with a car! Seriously, I got health care insurance with preexisting conditions and numerous ones! So to say that does not exists is garbage! They may not, but I am sure their is some insurance company out their who will accept my dog with preexisting conditions! They have it for people, I am sure they have it for pets too!


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