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Very trustworthy, honest and hard working dedicated staff.
Good source of information.
This is a great source of valuable information.
phxsunspwnThu Jan 15 1970
Good resource for Christians!
Excellent site. Really good Christianity 101. Especially good resource for new Christians.
I have utilized this cite for a number of years and have found them to be Biblically honest in their approach to interpreting the Word of God.
ParlindunganThu Jan 15 1970
situs tanya jawab seputar masalah agama nasrani, dari dan untuk kaum nasrani
masterjack98Thu Jan 15 1970
this site is inaccurate and draws too much conjecture.
This is a Christian website that seeks to convert Jews based on their misrepresentation of Jewish teachings.
sweetidgrl4uFri Jan 16 1970
Great site for information about how to relate God's word to the world today, for REAL people like myself, in a practical way. Thanks.

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