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What a great website!
i love doxxing kids its so fun
Even though this many people think this is a scam. It isn't. It is actually pretty legit and it works 100% atleast from my experiences !
This site does not work 0/10 its the worst ip grabber service
IP Logger and URL Shortener. It is recommended you use Tor when visiting one of the links generated by it as to avoid having your IP logged.
lol imagine getting ur ip grabbed simple solution just use a vpn
Grabify is a site for you if you want to troll scammers, but be careful to not click a link that went through grabify. Just like ***** or ***** with no ads. It logs your IP.
Its a good website if you try to track down scammers. You just need to be careful not to click on a link that went trough Grabify.
Scam, tried to log my ip.
ВНИМАНИЕ! Этот сайт является трекером, маскируюш9имся под clowdfare!
Grabify is similar to, except no ads. Read about it on the MALWARE wiki! It is not safe!
this site is garbage its leaks your privacy
The site is a mess and it doesn't work at all, it mislead me with a terrible interface and results that took forever to come through & turned out to be wrong
This website grabs your IP my IP almost got leaked by a ***** link bringing me to grabify but my device was smart enough to consider the link as a warning. I repeat do not use it!
Grabify is a site that enables you to track people clicking certain links... while some people can use this as leverage, Grabify explicitly states that they are not responsible for this behavior.
This is a really good site for people both interested in demographics of users of a particular website or app as well as marketing targets. Unfortunately the site could potentially be used by people with malicious intent, but the site itself is clean and easy to use.
overall: Suspicious pros: - No ads cons: - Used for phishing my description: This site can be used by anyone, especially since it's free. You will be prompted a URL that you will be taken to after opening your phishing link that is generated. You may even customize it further, to make it seem more trustworthy. Additionally, lots of the custom domains are very similar to well known ones, giving the unsuspecting user even more trust on the website. A full list of custom domains are listed on the main site. Visiting the site without anything after the "hxxp://" part is safe. Just be aware if it has some random code after it. So if you ever get a message from somebody with a misspelled domain link, chances are it's a grabify link. They can also be disguised as ***** links.
This website is safe, This is a tool for iplogging, If you see a ***** link then use a unshortner or use a VPN, Any abusive iploggers should be reported to, Don't trust Google because they set this site as a "virus", to protect everyone from iploggers, The false positive was lifted TL;DR After all of that yes BLAME THE COMMUNITY NOT THE SITE
The website in general is good. It's what people can do with the website that can be malicious. This website can be used for good such as catching the location of pedophiles and criminals. It's due to selfish idiots that use it to dox their "friends" for "fun" that give it a down rating. If people focused on catching criminals rather than doxing their "friends" it would be much better. Blame the community that ruins it. Not the website.
I have personally talked to the owner, great guy, and the site is perfectly safe if you know how to use it. I use this site all the time.
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