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nallaikkumaranSat Jan 17 1970
I trust this website. Good site.
antivirus45Sat Jan 17 1970
Alternative site to, which is now closed.
The best alternative for
Safe site, but scripts may allow access to adult content. The Greasemonkey scripts are always monitored in the forum to prevent malicious content. My preferred alternative to .
Greasyfork is better than Userscripts, which is gone now!
AntiAdware! (also known as Adware Atomizer) look good. Analysis Date 10 seconds ago Safety Reputation 0/30 Domain 1st Registered 2014-10-02 (4 months ago) Status: No Malware Detected by External Scan. Web Trust: Not Currently Blacklisted (10 Blacklists Checked) No Malware Detected By Free Online Website Scan On This Website. Submission date: Sun Feb 8 01:52:10 2015 Server IP address: Country: United States Server: nginx/1.6.1 Malicious files: 0 Suspicious files: 0 Potentially Suspicious files: 0 Clean files: 98 External links detected: 94 Iframes scanned: 0 Blacklisted: No
Сайт для завантаження user скриптів. Я тут знайшов кілька корисних скриптів :)
nightmonkeySun Jan 18 1970
Kids might install bad scripts

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