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Load, Play, Trade with Green Man Gaming: download games, fast, directly to your PC and then trade them in when you're done. The only place you can.

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greenmangaming.comreviews 20
JunglePredatorThu Jan 15 1970

Propitiatory game downloader, mandatory by site for game download crashes. Vendor will not answer troubleshooting tickets.
Poor rating.
Recommend alternatives: Steam, Impulse, Gamersgate

SuperMegaGuy1Fri Jan 16 1970

Reliable when buying steam codes, can't speak for standalone downloads. Seems their servers can't handle the traffic brought by their summer sale, though.

desolater04Fri Jan 16 1970

To me, this site is a "risk" for anything you buy…

For example (which has happened multiple times):
When you "buy" a Steam DRM game which requires a key, there a chance you'll never receive a key, but your money will surely be gone.

What does this mean? About a week to get a refund from customer support, and another week to get that money back into your bank account…

DanteYagyuFri Jan 16 1970

Brilliant online games retailer, great sales and usually very good prices. Has a proprietary download program called Capsule, although it isn't mandatory as i always redeem game keys in Origin or Steam, Capsule also allows you to 'trade-in' old games from your computer for discounts on purchases, however the library titles that can be traded in is very small. GMG is only been around for 2 years and has a growing fan base and excellent support; they can be contacted via e-mail or through their forums. They've always been very helpful when I've had a problem.

FoolishNibFri Jan 16 1970

It gives you the activation key for the specific game after you bought it. According to their policy: If we haven't gave you the activation key you can issue a refund.

Dam hypocrites.

koushik007Sat Jan 17 1970

good site for buying steam games 🙂 low price and fast delivery ….


During the "6 devilish deals every 6 hours for 6 days", offered a game for free.

After trying for quite a long time I gave up because you need to complete the shopping process within 15 minutes. But to finally checkout you need to load like 5 or six different sites.
The problem: the site
a) won't load at all (but try loading for 2 minutes befor giving up
b) return you a nice set of varying error messages
c) show the famous "maintenance" site.

Everyone who likes not to waste more than half an hour on trying to buy something you cannot get – be aware.

I for myself will never visit the site again – no matter what kind of hot deals they come up with.

Funfact: Earlier this day they sent out a newsletter containing the following sentence which can only be considered a bad joke:
"After some site issues during the first 24 hours of the sale, you’ll be happy to know we’ve massively boosted our site capacity – so you can shop till you drop! "

No massively boost – just massively FAIL GreenManGaming!


Fast and secure payments. However, i'm not sure how long the site will last – it hasn't got much customers.


Their payment process is beyond awful – first, they require that I create an account, and after doing so, I'm told the checkout process failed because the account needs to be verified through e-mail. I do that then reattempt the checkout – then they ask for some other card verification crap; I do that and the checkout fails again due to "maintenance."

I was skeptical of a site that claimed to allow "trading in" games and now I see my skepticism wasn't unnecessary.


Lying scumbags. Don't trust them.


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


92 / 100

Child Safety

91 / 100