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Abzocke! NICHT zahlen!

Der einzige, der dabei Gewinn macht, ist der Seitenbetreiber!! Sie verlieren Ihr Geld..

Geben Sie keinerlei persönliche Daten ein!

Racket!! DON´T pay!

The only one who will make profit will be the site owner!! You will lose your money..

Do not enter any personal data!

KaffeetanteFri Jan 16 1970

Spam / Scam / Datensammler.
Gefahr von Daten-/Identitätsdiebstahl. und Kreditkartenmißbrauch.

Very Good site offering very useful advice to assist affiliate marketeers

Chaplain2575Fri Jan 16 1970

No problem here. If your willing to play the game of bouncing from site page to site page and listening to a speal. Then it is expected. On the other side of the coin, all that was promised in docummantation was delivered.

I have no complaint with the info that was paid for. Nothing in life is free but working hard always has it's pay offs…

Great site for affiliate marketers, Been a customer and have followed his techniques and advice for a couple of years now. Very professional and worldly reputation.

Spamming blog comments to get back links.

this site is look like not suspicious at all. I got his link from,
where Mr. Fernando in his article include a link Overture (at point 20).
and when I have been directed to the website of the overture, I clicked on one-two of the existing link. WOT provide instantaneous warning signal. so I'm here just write comment too. thank you all.

linkedin MMF spammers

Fake site to phish personal information.

calin.nicolescu@yahoo.comFri Jan 16 1970

No personal data are required . Stop posting bad due to personal inhability !!!!

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