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idiots, you wont get a virus from here unless you're a complete douche and either trust a new member, or you dont know what a false positive is..oh and i love HF, and FYI guys, we have members who are in the police and they dont worry about the illegal discussions, the admin (Omni) is a white-hat and does not promote blackhat activites, he can monitor their newest methods of getting past whitehat defenses :) Illegal things like CC fraud is not allowed on tho. This site is a great wealth of info if you wanna learn hacking!
This is a good website for guides/information about hacking. It's safe and clean if you know what you do. Malicous software will not last longer than 10 minutes max.
Very good site for beginners
VirusTellerThu Jan 15 1970
illegal disscussions
This page can harm your PC
bloody_sweetThu Jan 15 1970
This is a site for hackers. Contain many tools, trojan, viruses packed for purpose. This site maybe dangerous for newbie, but helpful for hackers :)
triantafillosThu Jan 15 1970
Thats a great and you can learn many great things. Its the best i have found so far...
ToastPwnzUThu Jan 15 1970
Despite what people believe this site is harmless. Hackforums grows into more of a white hat oriented site constantly. I can personally guarantee that all tools mentioned on the site have ethical purposes and anything that doesn't is removed almost immediately. Hackforums also has a very dedicated malware removal team which I am quite happy to be a part of. I can guarantee there is absolutely nothing malicious about this site. Sign up and see for yourself.
I got a trojan from this page :/ But it have good guides, but you need a good virus program to visit this page.
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