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Newest is a porn site. NOT for children! Contains sexually-explicit material.
Kamu termékek elérhetetlen boltjai. Nem jársz jól, ha fizetsz nekik... / Fake health product scammer unreachable shops with fake testimonials, etc. Kamu leírás, kamu kommentek (nézz vissza pár nap múlva) és kamu termékek / fake description, fake comments (check back some days after) and fake products. Tájékozódj mielőtt vennél valamit / be informed before buying something ------ Currently using offshore company: Danesco Trading Limited (John Kennedy Iris House, 7th Fl., of.470B; 3106, Limassol; Cyprus; Phone +35797658932); Related companies/previously known as: Universo sp. z o.o., Poland (Ul. Sw. Jerzego 1 A; ***** Wrocław; Poland / Phone ***** [Milosz Dybalski/Tomasz Adam]); Tommy Zulenar / A.F.S. Ltd., (Suite 1156 BP 303, Mutsamudu, Anjouan, Comoros) / Active Food Supplements Limited (14298 NW 8th St, Sunrise, Broward, Florida, 33325, UNITED STATES +18551255592) / Massive Dynamic Ltd., (Nowogrodzka 23, ***** Warsaw, Poland) / Michau Enterprises Limited (26 Chitron Street, Nicosia, Cyprus, +357-22761649) / JPT Investment Partners Limited (Kostaki Pantelidi 1 Kolokasides Building 3rd floor, 10-10 Nicosia, CY) / Dhamhil Corp. Marbella, 55th East Street No 6, City of Panama, Panama] and formerly also known as: Massive Dynamic Ltd., (Nowogrodzka 23, ***** Warsaw, Poland; involving TUT LOGISTIC sp. z o. o. (ul. Jaracza 80; ***** Łódź, łódzkie; +48 (48) 679 68 81; ------ Recently registered/used domains: (2016-02-09T06:22:55Z), ***** (2016-02-15T14 57 28Z), ***** (2016-04-04T16 05 31Z), ***** (2017-02-27T15:21:31Z), ***** (2017-03-28T08:49:04Z), ***** (2017-03-29T19 32 23Z), ***** (2017-08-07T11:59:28Z), ***** (2017-10-18T20 12 59Z), ***** (2017-10-18T20 13 18Z), ***** (2017-11-06T10 32 17Z), ***** (2018-02-08T08:41:59Z), ***** (2018-02-10T10:11:05Z), ***** (2018-04-11T17:23:47Z), ***** (2018-05-13T20 58 38Z), ***** (2018-07-04T22 54 02Z), ***** (2018-07-06T21 34 02Z), ***** (2018-08-17T06 59 51Z), ***** (2018-08-20T19 39 04Z), ***** (2018-09-12T12 16 08Z), ***** (2018-09-12T12 17 06Z), ***** (2018-09-12T12 18 39Z), ***** (2018-10-30T11 26 06Z), ***** (2018-11-13T20 30 42Z), ***** (2018-11-13T20 30 42Z), ***** (2018-11-15T18:37:28Z), ***** (2018-12-03T18 51 52Z), ***** (2018-12-06T22 25 37Z), ***** (2018-12-11T10:06:49.0Z), ***** (2018-12-11T17 10 20Z)

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