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Hentai website dedicated to translations, not really accurate translations but far enough to understand everything
Erwin RommelfanSun Jan 18 1970
Originally Posted: June 11, 2015 Virus total detection ratio: 1/66 Virustotal's anti-virus engine: "Quttera" Detects this as a "Malicious site" Update: "Quttera" Now Detects this as a "Suspicious Site"
RattleZ189Sat Jan 17 1970 is a good site to find high quality hentai, and obviously hentai is not for anyone under the age of 18 (including me, lol). The site offers a variety of hentai to watch up to 1080p full hd quality with free downloads for your personal entertainment when you don't have internet or something.
Malware ditected by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: PUP.Optional.SearchProtect PUP.Optional.Vitruvian PUP.Optional.SwiftSearch PUP.Optional.Komodia
Great Site would fap again, except pornhub is better
I have scanned with a number of website security resources, and it seems to be infected with malware. My antivirus also blocked a BitCoin miner malware attack. "This webpage is identified as infected with malware. Virus name: Application.BitCoinMiner.SX. The webpage has been successfully blocked by Antimalware filter and your PC is now safe."
tenismssklSun Jan 18 1970
Been using it for years ;) Seems pretty safe.
mimietroro78Sun Jan 18 1970
i got a VIRUS on this site. i got a trojan! i tried downloading a video and got a VERY dangerous virus. it's very great, but NEVER ever download videos there. is a porn site. NOT for children! Contains sexually-explicit material.

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