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Chat requests and messages never stop on ***** no matter if you fill in your profile or put up a pic. Women are money-hungry and they make it through chatting. There are a few sites that don't hire women to chat, like ***** (it's relatively easy to have a real date there with a genuine girl, especially if you chose an age-appropriate lady whose photos are not over photo-shopped). But ***** company operates on this nasty business model where they cooperate with local agencies which offer women a compensation for correspondence. Otherwise, why would 18 year old glamorous models bombard a 50 year old truck-driver with sexy messages? Don't believe this sweet illusion fellows!
Child Pornography Content
Fantastic site for watching Quality hentai, has many genres, and an active community for chatting with fellow pervs.
Porn site - NOT for children. Risks: tracking, spam, fraud, identity theft, malicious downloads. Do not provide any financial or personal data.
1 is a porn site. NOT for children! Contains sexually-explicit material.
i got a VIRUS on this site. i got a trojan! i tried downloading a video and got a VERY dangerous virus. it's very great, but NEVER ever download videos there.
Been using it for years ;) Seems pretty safe.
I have scanned ***** with a number of website security resources, and it seems to be infected with malware. My antivirus also blocked a BitCoin miner malware attack. "This webpage ***** is identified as infected with malware. Virus name: Application.BitCoinMiner.SX. The webpage has been successfully blocked by Antimalware filter and your PC is now safe."
Great Site would fap again, except pornhub is better
Originally Posted: June 11, 2015 Virus total detection ratio: 1/66 Virustotal's anti-virus engine: "Quttera" Detects this as a "Malicious site" Update: "Quttera" Now Detects this as a "Suspicious Site"
Malware ditected by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: PUP.Optional.SearchProtect PUP.Optional.Vitruvian PUP.Optional.SwiftSearch PUP.Optional.Komodia
***** is a good site to find high quality hentai, and obviously hentai is not for anyone under the age of 18 (including me, lol). The site offers a variety of hentai to watch up to 1080p full hd quality with free downloads for your personal entertainment when you don't have internet or something.
Hentai website dedicated to translations, not really accurate translations but far enough to understand everything
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