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The Heretical website features humorous and informative pages on psychology (particularly of women), science, life-games, game theory, sex differences, sexual politics, sexual dysfunction and history, particularly of World War II.

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heretical.comreviews 3
CheesetrapThu Jan 15 1970

While this site contains a fair amount of interesting and valid information, it does host (and link to) some racist propaganda. It also hosts content which many parents would consider unsuitable for their children (mature and disturbing topics), though largely factual and referenced.

CoppermazovFri Jan 16 1970

Seems to be a a antisemitic website. A two article series is devoted to "The corruption of taste THE JEWS IN ART," and have a section of "holocaust jokes," such as this marvel of taste: " How did they invent copper wire?/They threw down a penny between two Jews."

Much of the site is just ridiculous, and doesn't contain the usual nonsense these sites would use. Before avoiding them outright, be aware that they do have a lot of information on other subjects that I wouldn't cast any aspersions on.

There is a significant amount of material that isn't suitable for children, i.e. profanity and nudity, but there are no viruses, and I didn't encounter any popups.


A great site helping keep awareness of the holocaust


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


87 / 100

Child Safety

59 / 100