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hi5 makes it easy to meet and socialize with new people through games, shared interests, friend suggestions, browsing profiles, and much more.

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hi5.taggedmail.comreviews 6
evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970

Official website owned and operated by Tagged Inc.

Social networking service that uses information from registrations in mass spam campaigns. Tagged has been fined multiple times for this behavior.




trop de rende-vous sur sex

thomassissonFri Jan 16 1970

Like any other social network, there are scammers and spammers on the website. You don't have to share or post your email address on the website. Tagged and hi5 are both owned by the same company. They are virtually identical and should be merged, but they are not. You can control how many emails and what notices you receive from the sites. The emails are sent via for and The site has and integrated chat and mail on site application. Unlike Facebook, you don't get punished for trying to connect to people. This is for meeting new people, and fun. The site also has games and a friend matching function. If there is an issue with this site, please post the proof. Nudity is not permitted on the website. Adutl content is removed and spamming and repeated offenses will result in removal.


Unsolicited spam on a non opt-in email address.

ImSimplyDbest635Fri Jan 16 1970

Hi5 is a complicating or complicated sites for me. As I am new here, i really don't know where I am. Am I on Hi5 on which i did sign up here for my new account, or Am I in Tagged instead wherein i did not sign up any account of mine there. Which is which between Hi5 & Tagged account, you can't really tell. i had this experienced where i post my new status on Hi5, mentioning even the site name of it. That alone had made me like a laughing stuff to others who manage to read my post! They even commented that i am loosing my way on site they said or I am at lost of myself, not knowing what site I am. They commented I am in Tagged as they are sign in in Tagged but still could view or see me, But as far as my Hi5 account is concerned as i knew from myself that I sign up a new account in Hi5 not in Tagged! So for me I am in high5 but still i could also view or managed to reach any Tagged profile account in Hi5. So you see, they complicate each others making us members really at lost, even caused troubles of quarrel to each others as each party knew they are either in Hi5 or Tagged! So now whenever I post new status inHi5, i don't mention the site name anymore, instead i just say HERE, for me to avoid any embarassment from others who knew that Hi5 is not existing anymore & that is becomes now TAGGED instead. They are combined into one Yet they are not actually. because if you signup in Hi5 and try to sign in at Tagged, you wont get through with it. But instead you will be advice to sign up for your new account first. Likewise it isvice versa when you sign up in tagged and try to sign in at hi5, you went get through either if you have not sign up any account there. I also call on those TAGGED people who seems to know better,that when they saw someone like me claiming I am in Hi5, will tend to Mock or laught at me/us who indeed are sign up in Hi5, but those morons claim i am in TAGGED, especially you FILIPINO people who even laught at your own Kababayan as if you Filipinos are always happy to see your own countrymen always in hot spot or hot seat… Let me tell you this, Before you claim for yourself that you are on a rightful sense and intelligence to disclaim and laught on Hi5 members who used to claim they are in HI5, better first look for yourself the profile account that a Hi5 member is using, compare it to your Tagged profile if they are of the same look and Logo! Before you claim you are in TAGGED ,checked your account first, because you might not know it, as proud as you are laughing of others.. you also did not know that You are in Hi5 actually and not in TAGGED as you claim you are. I hope too that Tagged & Hi5 should correct it to people on site, if Tagged is Tagged alone, same with HI5 to… and/or Tagged is Hi5 & Hi5 is Tagged! You are causing troubles to all your members especially for those knew ones who really don't know if they are in Tagged or Hi5! If they are only ONE, well how come, you have to sign up two different account in order for us to sign in on either TAGGED or HI5? Explain it further please !


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63 / 100

Child Safety

47 / 100