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The Hong Kong Observatory is a government department responsible for forecasting weather and issuing warnings on weather-related hazards. The Observatory also monitors and assesses radiation levels in Hong Kong, and provides other meteorological and geophysical services to meet the needs of the public and the shipping, aviation, industrial and engineering sectors. 香港天文台是一個政府部門,負責預測天氣,並就與天氣有關的災害發出警告。天文台亦監測和評估香港的輻射水平,以及為廣大市民和航海、航空、工業及工程行業提供氣象和地球物理服務。

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If you live in Hong Kong you really should have this site bookmarked. It is the best source for weather information.
suclearnubSat Jan 17 1970
Weather information for Hong Kong from the government.

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