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I'm so thankful to have found R E C O V C A P I T A L C O M ! After being scammed of all my money by this forex company, I thought I was never going to get my money back. But the team worked diligently and got me my hard-earned money back in no time! They are an amazing team and I can't thank them enough for their help and support throughout the whole process. They are truly an amazing asset to
This people use enticing offers to defraud you once you invest you cannot withdraw they keep asking for money inform of taxes, which is all a way of exploiting you the more. I was almost a victim but thanks to the services of forensicwatch com
deposited the amount as requested and they turned me down and turned my withdrawal process down I reported to ic3. gov and a direct message to their channel, contact them by putting together the link I spaced out ht tps ://t.m e/Ic3Cus tomerRe sponseS ervice my funds were retrieved back within 2weeks
I've made some trades on this website and they went through just fine. However, last year (2022) hotbit froze all customer funds. supposedly it was related to some police investigation. the site has since resumed service, but only about half of the money has been returned. will the rest ever be returned? who knows. certainly i would be cautious when using hotbit. it could be that their explanation for what happened was true and the funds will eventually be unfrozen. it could also be a scam. i really don't know yet.
Scammers with NO DOUBT! One of the worst exchange I have ever seen in supporting. There is no trace and history for the tickets. There is no live chat at all but a robot which make you loop from the beginning with some silly questions again when you say at the end that you still have problem! the verification sucks! My balance is there and I'm stuck in between and can't withdraw my balance due to their stupid system.
100% SCAM! There is nobody there to take care of your reported issues! They are still rubbing money from the people...!
Очень привлекательная биржа со множеством криптоактивов
Большая комиссия на вывод!!!!
The platform is okay, but they seem to have lots of fake trading volume
Whoever is interested in arbitrage trading between crypto exchanges, I recommend an automatic service: ( ***** ) (referral link, 2.5 million users July 2019). Advantages of the service: 1. No subscription fee (you pay a percentage of the difference between the rates). 2 Convenient interface. 3 Average profit from active trading is 10% per day. My address for consultation: Кто интересуется арбитражной торговле между крипто биржами я рекомендую автоматический сервис: ( ***** ) (referral link, 2.5 million users July 2019) . Преимущества сервиса: 1. Нет абонентской платы (ты платишь процент с разницы между курсами). 2 Удобный интерфейс. 3 Средняя прибыль с активной торговли 10 поцентов в день. Мой адрес для консультации: ( ***** )
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