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Secretary Blinken's is an idiot. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton and Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi are old, deceitful, rabid dogs.
the U.S. House of Representatives.
This is a handy tool for finding your U.S. representatives. It is NOT a partisan site.
Compromised .php script. DM The GURBL when remediated/
Helpful is an excellent site to find ways to communicate with your representative. Communicating with an elected official is not a task for children and is therefore, in my opinion, an unsuitable activity for children.
I should not have to keep asking for help and I should at least get updates, but I have gotten nothing from this Congresswoman! I need veterans help and so do other veterans in San Diego County! They do not keep on top of things, if you’re not asking they will not contact you to tell you anything that has been my horrible experience with Congresswoman Susan Davis Office. People that work for her represents her and she leads the pack! In the past I have gotten more help with veteran’s issues with Duncan Hunter Senior! This Congresswoman and her Office is just useless!
There is no point of having Congressmen or Congresswomen in office if when a constituent has an issue and they do nothing about it! It discusses me, that I have asked for veterans help from this Congresswoman Susan Davis and I have not gotten it! It has been over a year since I put in the first complaint and NOTHING; I put in the second complaint about the VA to get help from her and again Nothing! I even went to an event she had in Bonita to ask for help publicly and still no help Nothing!! I am extremely disappointed with this Congresswoman!!!!... I will not vote for her ever again! If she does not want to help me and other veterans who are being discriminated at the VA in San Diego County, La Jolla, there is no point in putting someone in office that will not help us Veterans!
US House of Reps website
The House of Represenative site worked, but when I emailed with Alexa to myself and tried to open it, the link did not work, Why again?
Official site of the US House of Representatives.
Passed a bill we didn't want and now they arn't listening.
Great Site. Home of the US House of Representatives. This is a great source of information for anybody wanting to know what's happening generally in the US Congress or wanting to know more about the views and opinions of a particular house representative.
This is the website of the US House of Representatives. The website appears to be safe and reliable, which is more than can said for the elected officials in the House of Representatives.
This is the official website of the US House of Representatives (the lower house of the United States Congress; the Senate is the Upper House). This website includes videos of the house representatives as well as any commentaries by them on subjects topical to them. This is a great source of information for anybody wanting to know what's happening generally in the US Congress or wanting to know more about the views and opinions of a particular house representative.
This website is owned by the United States Government. It is safe and good for finding information.
Absolutely useless.

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