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Crap website with crap articles
flightisfun2001Sun Jan 18 1970
This site is definitely a scareware site because it has articles talking about how "in your case, your computer is infected" even though there is no way for them to tell. They want to scare you into downloading their malware removal tool, giving an ad saying "There's a possibility that your system may be exposed to threats worse than this virus! Download our professional malware removal tool." Which more than likely is a virus itself. Totally malicious site. Very misleading and a scam.
TrueDetectiveSun Jan 18 1970
This website has saved my butt more then once. I managed to remove some malware by using just the free tutorials.
These guys are the real deal. I can't thank them enough for their good work and effort by helping me with a nasty malware. Keep up the good work guys. Cheers
daniel.sadakovSun Jan 18 1970
A website dedicated to malware removals and prevention. Their articles are helpful. Yes they do offer paid software but so what? If you know anything about computers you can use their free guides to remove most threats without installing or paying anything.
Advises removal of MALWARE Advanced Mac Cleaner with scareware MacKeeper. Both pieces of malware are probably written by the same development shop. I am not sure yet how to get rid of Advanced Mac Cleaner ... but MacKeeper is NOT the answer, your problems will be no better if you use MacKeeper and may be worse. MacKeeper in NOT legitimate.
This site is a scam, claims perfectly safe and innocent sites are "dangerous" and links to "fake" downloads.
snoopy0815Sun Jan 18 1970
Scareware site! They tell people garbage to make them download a tool called Spyhunter. The tool itself may be worth a look, but this site id just scaring people!

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