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FukingsickofregisteringSat Jan 17 1970
You guys are sooooooo far off the mark. I joined WOT just to write this review and I am FURIOUS!!! They are NOT legitimate! These f**k heads only allow you a certain amount of viewing. (which is about 3 or 4 videos-just checking out the beginning of a video, is counted as a whole video) The quality is substandard. If you want to continue you have to get a premium membership. To do this, you have to use an gift card (which means you have to get an account. Once you get your card. (I stupidly got a $25.00-a month's worth-card) you enter the cards code to get your premium membership. I was looking for just ONE thing:old Erromax videos/pictures. Well turns out half the videos they advertise "are not available." The quality does NOT improve with your membership either. These were all AVI's. The scant two pages of old Erromax material proved to be utterly useless to me. I then looked at the "full length movies" section. Most of the movies were just awful, cheap, garbage. Anytime one seemed worthy of at least checking out, you guessed it, the video was "not available." This happened 50 times, before I gave up. Attempts to contact them were completely fruitless. I canceled my account, even though I still had 29 days left on my account. Account was canceled instantly, and now my login doesn't even work. They stole $25.00 from me, pure and simple. And I have no recourse to the law because it was on a gift card. I can't even fight it. I hope SOMEONE sees this and is spared the frustration. If anyone knows who these guys are I would love an address so I could personally punch their f**king faces in.
How is it that you have recieved at least one other compoletely negative review of this site and you still give at better than 80% trustworthy score. The site is a total scam and rip off. It makes me think they must be paying sites like wot to give them high ratings. I was a dumbass and went off of other positive reviews i found online. Spent $50 on an amazon card that was stolen by the site because of idiots writing positive reviews like you guys. I don't know how you can call yourselves wot. Web Of Bullshit is more like it. I will never trust anything your site says again. In fact I wont ever use it again. Get your sh....t together!

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